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Veterans’ Preference  

Veterans’ preference is our way of expressing gratitude to men and women who have served, or are serving, in the United States Armed Forces.  In accordance with Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 18A.150, Veterans’ Preference provides veterans, and in some instances their family members, opportunities to receive Interview Preference to a competitive classified position. In order to receive Interview Preference, applicants with Veterans’ Preference must meet minimum requirements, and provide the required documentation on or prior to the advertisement closing date for the job vacancy. Interview preference shall only apply to candidates seeking initial appointment to the classified service.

How to receive Veterans’ Preference:

1. Find out if you or a member of your family qualifies for Veterans’ Preference.   Click here

2. Determine what documentation is required and where to send it for you to receive Veterans’ Preference.  Click here

3. Search and apply for a job, for which you meet minimum requirements.

4. Applicants entitled to interview preference shall be appropriately identified on the register (list of individuals who apply to a job vacancy).

5. If there are more than five (5) candidates with interview preference on the register, the hiring agency shall offer an interview to a minimum of five (5) who meet the minimum qualifications.

6. Should there be less than five (5) candidates with interview preference on the register, the hiring agency shall offer an interview to those who meet the minimum qualifications.

7. Being offered an interview does not guarantee employment. Those with preference should be prepared, like all other candidates, to market their education, experience and skill sets throughout the application and interview process.

Veterans’ Resources

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Veterans’ Preference

Tips for Job Seekers with Veterans' Preference

Skills translators are tools veterans can utilize to translate their military experience into civilian terms, such as:


Stuart Clark, Veterans’ Advisor
For assistance with navigating the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Merit Employment System application or hiring process and for specific information regarding eligibility requirements and necessary documents, please contact Stuart Clark at 502.564.8030 or email