Job Search

Tips for Veteran Job Seekers

Here are some tips to consider during your job search:

  • When completing the application after applying to job it is important to note the following: If you changed rank, job responsibilities, MOS, Rate, or Air Force Specialty during your service, you should list each grade and its corresponding duties in a separate employment block. This is especially important if you retired from active duty or completed several active duty enlistments without retiring. Just as a civilian who begins working for a company in an entry-level position and is promoted to higher levels of authority and responsibility, a veteran needs to demonstrate his/her military career track in a similar manner.
  • When describing your job duties, do so in detail and avoid use of military terminology unfamiliar to civilians. The sensitive nature of your service may prevent full disclosure of job duties but please attempt to be as forthcoming as possible. You can generally describe your duties without compromising secure information.
  • Give close attention to correct spelling and grammar when completing the application. Carefully check for errors in capitalization and punctuation. Remember, the purpose of your application is to make a positive impression on a prospective employer, obtain an interview and secure a job.

Veterans' assistance available!

If you have followed these tips and still are not successful in your job search for state employment, you may contact our Veterans' Advisor, Stuart Clark. Stuart formerly served in the U.S. Army. Among his many duties, Stuart helps veterans translate their military experience into civilian terms and navigate the application process. Contact Stuart at 502.564.8030 or by email at