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Veterans’ Preference Eligibility Requirements

Individuals may qualify for Veterans’ Preference Status provided the veteran’s Character of Service was listed as Honorable or General (Under Honorable Conditions). Veterans are not required to have served during time of war or conflict, and Reservists and Guardsman need not have been called to active duty or mobilized to receive the preference.

Service members whose Character of Service is listed as Uncharacterized, Entry Level Separation (ELS), Under Other Than Honorable Conditions, or received a Dishonorable Discharge or Bad Conduct Discharge cannot be granted the preference status.

The following individuals may receive Veterans’ Preference if they served or are a current member in the Armed Forces of the United States, Reserves, National Guard or a qualified family member and submitted the required documents to the Personnel Cabinet:

  • Veterans
  • Members currently serving in the Armed Forces
  • Current members of the National Guard or Reserve
  • Veterans of the National Guard or Reserve
  • Spouse of a Veteran
  • Spouse of a current service member
  • Unmarried Spouse of Deceased Veteran
  • Dependent Parent of a Disabled Veteran
  • Dependent Parent of a Deceased Veteran